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A Professional Approach with a Personal Touch

Sarasota's Waterfront Property Specialist

Debra Pitell-Hauge - Sarasota Waterfront SpecialistDebra Pitell-Hauge has over 30-years of experience in the Sarasota real estate market and has set the record for the two highest residential sales in Sarasota County.

A Sarasota Waterfront Property Specialist, Debra has the expertise in Sarasota Waterfront and Luxury Real Estate.


An Expert in Luxury Real Estate

Working with buyers and sellers of luxury real estate is a fine art. It goes without saying that one must have extensive high-end real estate knowledge and a sound view of the local market along with a firm foundation in real estate law.

Debra offers a personal approach. She anticipates anything and everything that could possibly happen, maintains the utmost level of client confidentiality, meets client needs in an expedient fashion and maintains a rapport based upon trust.

Please visit Debra's International Sarasota Real Estate web site.