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Sarasota Waterfront Real Estate Blog

Fall in Love with Sarasota 

It starts—as scientists tell us all life did—with the sea. Standing on dazzling white sand, looking out over the vast Gulf of Mexico, you fall in love with Sarasota.
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Siesta Key - Award-winning Beaches 

2015 - Consistently ranked in the top beaches in the USA and Florida, Siesta Key has also gained global recognition. Read More

Sarasota New Construction - Expansive New Projects Underway

2015 - New construction projects dot the skyline downtown Sarasota, with residential options, multi-use projects and hotels both planned and  underway. Elsewhere, impressive new homes are replacing older homes in many Sarasota neighborhoods, inland and waterfront. Read More

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent when Buying a New Construction Home or Condo

Most important reasons to hire a REALTOR when buying new construction. Read more about buying New Construction in Sarasota.

6 Reasons to Work With a Realtor

Exposure for your property- potential buyers start their search online. Does your REALTOR have internet coverage as part of their marketing plan for your home? Read more about working with a Realtor

Tips for Buying Waterfront Property

Order the survey and elevation certificate immediately after the contract is fully executed. You may need an elevation certificate BEFORE you can get a quote for homeowners and/or flood insurance. Read more tips about waterfront homes...

Good to Know

Should I Have My Home For Sale During the Holidays?

Do buyers make decisions to actually purchase their new home during the Holidays? The answer is YES. There are several reasons for this, as follows...Read More about selling a home during the holidays...

Should I Sell My Home “As Is?”

You may want to consider selling your home “As Is” under the following selling conditions: Read More about selling your home as is...

What Does it Mean to Buy in "As Is" Condition?

In most cases this means that the Seller is not providing any type of warranty on the property.  Perhaps it is being sold to settle an estate where the Seller inherited the property and has never occupied it. Read more about buying as is...

When it's time to buy or sell Sarasota Waterfront Property, contact the Sarasota Waterfront Real Estate Expert - Debra Pitell-Hauge.