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Blog- Selling a Home During the Holidays

SHOULD I HAVE MY HOME FOR                          

Debra Pitell-Hauge, Broker-REALTOR
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Do buyers make decisions to actually purchase their new home during the Holidays? The answer is YES.

There are several reasons for this:

IN order to qualify for homestead exemption on your property taxes for the following year you must actually close on your new home by the last day of December.

Homes look very festive and cozy with Holiday decorations. It is a fun time to look at property.

Buyers are out looking for their new home REGARDLESS of the time of year.

Now may be a great time to BUY.

Interest rates are still low.

There are some tremendous values out there but make sure you work with a professional REALTOR who will represent your interests in the transaction and guide you through the maze of questions and inspections, contracts and financing options.
If you are interested in selling, don’t wait until after the Holidays to put your home on the market. Do it now and work with an experienced REALTOR. Good luck with your transaction.

Wishing you a happy and safe Holiday Season.

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