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Fall/Winter 2020 Edition of SaundersBest

SaundersBest Fall/Winter 2020

In the days since we’ve all been touched by the Covid-19 pandemic, that sadly took many lives- causing great heartache worldwide. It is heartbreaking to see the toll of personal loss and financial hardship that this pandemic has caused around the globe.

Like so many of our neighbors around the world, for us at Michael Saunders & Company, it has been a period of great adjustment.

Essential Service

As real estate was deemed to be an “essential service,” we took the necessary precautions mandated by government guidelines to keep our people and customers safe. It changed the way we did and continue to do business.

Undoubtedly, it made us focus more on what’s important in life…time with family, reaching out to friends, and treasuring memories.

Local Real Estate

The effect of Covid-19 on our local real estate market turned our seasons upside down.  With so much pent-up demand, a typical slower summer season turned into a robust spring-like selling season. Our agents responded as we hoped they would, adapting to strong buyer demand utilizing video showings and virtual tours.  In many cases, they secured contracts for properties sight unseen, often with multiple offers due to limited inventory.

Although we remain encouraged by the strong demand in our market, what we are most proud of was how our agents responded to the pandemic and safely took care of our customers and our community.  They worked hard to provide sound guidance to customers, while also lending a hand in feeding our healthcare heroes across the community.


Inside this edition, we focus on our connections to one another, to our community, and to our homes. We welcome new neighbors, as we’ll likely continue to do into 2021 with more opting to work remotely in our tropical location. In “Serene spots” and “Six to savor” we explore the places our spirits find peace despite challenge,– whether that means taking a meditative walk or enjoying some good old-fashioned comfort food.

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