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Should I Sell My Home “As Is”?

sellYou may want to consider “As Is” to sell your home under the following selling conditions:

1. You have never actually “occupied” the property, as it is an estate sale or you have rented it for an extended period of time and have no real knowledge as to the condition of the roof, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical or appliances.

2. You need to sell the property quickly for financial reasons and are willing to price below current market value.

3. You do not have the money to “fix up” the property prior to putting it on the market.

4. You have negotiated a final purchase price for the property with the Buyer that you know is an exceptional “deal” for them.

5. You are living in another state or another country.



You may not want to consider selling “As Is” under the following selling conditions:

1. It is a new or newer home, perhaps with some portion of the builder’s structural warranty still in effect that may be transferable if you check with the builder.

2. If you list your home with a REALTOR and the listing appears in the MLS with “As Is” in the listing remarks, other agents will think the house is a “fixer upper” whether it is or not. You may want to consider this before you list and have your REALTOR explain the differences to you.

3. If you want top dollar for the home and are willing to make sure it sparkles cosmetically by updating the landscaping and cleaning and/or pressure washing the outside and deck areas. If necessary, being willing to “stage” your home, getting rid of clutter or even move some personal property to a different location or putting some of it in storage. Your REALTOR will be able to advise you.

If you have any further questions regarding selling your home, please contact me and I will be happy assist.

For financial and legal advice, contact your accountant and your attorney.